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August 7, 2020
Due to the on-going power outage, we have been unable to make tee reservations over the phone. Effective immediately, tee reservations can be made through the Madison Country Club website or the Madison Country Club app. Below you will find instructions on how to make a tee time.

Instructions for booking via the MCC Website

1. Make sure you are logged into the MCC Website.
2. Scroll over "Member Central" at the top of the page.
3. Click on "View Tee Sheet".
4. Choose the day you would like to make your reservation for (no more than 3 days out).
5. Click on the time you would like your reservation for.
6. Your name will automatically appear. You can then add the other players by typing their last name(s) in the "add a member" section at the top of the web page.
     Note: You MUST have your other players names. You will not have the option to put a "hold" in to hold a spot.

Instructions for booking via the MCC App

1. Open your MCC App.
2. Tap "View Tee Sheet" at the top of the page.
3. Choose the day you would like to make your reservation for (no more than 3 days out).
4. Click on the time you would like your reservation for.
5. Your name will automatically appear. You can then add the other players by typing their last name(s) in the "add a member" section at the top of the page.
     Note: You MUST have your other players names. You will not have the option to put a "hold" in to hold a spot.

Thank you,
MCC Golf Shop

July 10, 2020
COVID-19 Order - Out of State Guests & Traveling Members

All members are aware of the rules that were implemented since the crisis started. 
We have kept the Course open throughout the pandemic
by complying with restrictions to keep all players and staff as safe as possible. 
Governor Lamont recently issued orders requiring the quarantining of or negative testing proof
by travelers from 19 states listed below with severely increasing rates of coronavirus infections. 
The COVID-19 Task Force and the Board of Directors must remind everyone
that we are operating under the Governor's regulations at all times. 

No member or guest is allowed to play at MCC if they are in violation
of Connecticut's current orders, summarized as follows:

Quarantine order: any traveler arriving from a quarantine listed state must be quarantined for 14 days
after arriving in Connecticut, OR or provide proof of a negative test by validated
report taken within 72 hours before arriving in Connecticut. 
  1. In addition to the above requirements, MCC will accept proof of a negative test by validated report, in electronic or paper form, from any such traveling Member or Guest if such test results are taken AFTER arriving in Connecticut but prior to playing at MCC. 
  • • Alabama                   • Iowa                          • Nevada
    • Arkansas                   • Idaho                        • Oklahoma
    • Arizona                     • Kansas                      • South Carolina
    • California                 • Louisiana                 • Tennessee
    • Delaware                  • Mississippi                • Texas
    • Florida                     • North Carolina         • Utah

    • Georgia

Every MCC member and guest must also be in compliance with any future order that amends
the time period and/or the affected states.  Every member is responsible to ensure
both their own and their guest's full compliance with
MCC's COVID-19 restrictions -- any failure to do so will result in the member's indefinite suspension

While masks are encouraged in the Clubhouse and Pro Shop, 
masks are required in the Men's & Ladies locker rooms,
and anywhere you are unable to maintain 6' social distance.

The safety of everyone associated with the Club continues to be our highest priority.

Thank you for your full cooperation.

MCC Board of Directors, Task Force and Management


June 26, 2020


As we have seen in recent news reports, COVID-19 has not disappeared.  
Unfortunately, the number of cases is trending up significantly in many parts of the U.S.  
While the Tri-state region’s COVID-19 rates have been steadily improving
and restrictions gradually lifting, our local population’s travel to and from now troubled states
has been increasing. 
As a result, the risk to MCC’s membership
and staff of a primary or secondary COVID-19 exposure event has been unavoidably heightened.

With those current realities in mind, first we want to thank everyone for their efforts to date,
but also remind everyone that continuing to follow our COVID-19 compliance processes
and policy restrictions is as crucial and important now as at any time during the past 3 and ½ months
that we’ve successfully kept our Club open. 
Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, our COVID-19 rules
are only as effective as the least compliant person. 

As a reminder, Social Distancing compliance in ALL areas of the PATIO and
is especially important and necessary

If we stop following our required Social Distancing
– at least 6 feet but shoot for 10 feet –
we are putting each other at risk.  As previously required, in situations where social distancing is not possible,
you must also wear a mask.  Our collective diligence has earned us the long-awaited
chance to catch up on MCC social interactions
-- please work together and do not be careless, or it will be necessary
to re-institute banning the use of those areas.

Effective as of Saturday, June 27, 2020 --
All members are expected to keep a mask in your golf bag, just like you keep one in your car. 
Wash your hands often, and use the cleaning materials that
are placed throughout the common areas of the Club.

We have all done a tremendous job so far, but it is not over yet. 
Please continue to stay as safe as possible for your health
and the health of your fellow members and our staff.


MCC Board of Directors, COVID-19 Task Force & Management

Course Water Stations

A bottle filling water cooler has been installed inside the Snack Shack. 
Members are welcome and encouraged to bring a refillable bottle. 
Fill it at the 1st tee and then refill it as you play the Course. 

Water is now available at the following locations:

1 Tee
Snack Shack - Bottle Filling Water Cooler

 Stay hydrated and be green!


June 11, 2020

Clubhouse Opening
The Clubhouse is now open.  The 1st floor Lobby, Men’s and Ladies Locker Rooms, the Porch and the Patio will be available for use. 
The 2nd floor will remain closed for now.   Following are details on the use of the Clubhouse

  • The entrance to the Men’s Locker Room has been moved closer to the front door of the Clubhouse.
    • Enter from the Lobby
    • Exit via the back door leading to the walkway by the ice machine
  • The entrance to the Ladies Locker Room remains the same.
    • Enter from the Lobby
    • Exit via the side door leading to the hallway near the Business Office
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the Lobby
  • Showers will remain closed for now
  • Masks are recommended in the locker rooms if you cannot maintain proper social distancing and must be used in the toilet areas
  • Tables and chairs will be set on the Patio
  • Disinfectant and paper towels will be available on the Porch for use on the chairs and tables when you arrive and/or leave your table
  • Do not move the tables or chairs from their locations on the Patio
  • Dispose of bottles/cans, paper and other items appropriately
  • Leave the area clean for the next group

Opening the Clubhouse is one more step in moving MCC closer to restoring the experience we all want.  We are reliant on each other to maintain the health and safety of the membership and staff at MCC.  Please stay alert to what has become social distancing norms.    
Thank you for your attention and cooperation. 
House Committee



May 31, 2020


As most of the membership has learned, Gov. Lamont relaxed his social gathering guidelines on Friday. 
As we have said since this pandemic hit our state, we will follow the Governor’s lead. 
Our goal is to operate as safely as possible, and we must be flexible to adapt as the rules are amended. 
Many of our rules will be amended – but social distancing of at least 6 feet is still required,
and 10 feet is better as noted on our Course signage.

The rules set forth in COVID-19 Notices 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are modified and amended with the following:

The Clubhouse remains closed until further notice as the COVID-19 Task Force and the Board of Directors
will continue to monitor both the local and state rules and regulations. 
Our goal is to begin opening the Clubhouse as soon as possible, as long as it can be done safely.

The stairways and porch at the Pro Shop/Bag Room are open. 
If members wish to sit in the rockers outside the Pro Shop,
please use every other rocker to maintain social distancing;

Effective immediately, 5 members may be in the Pro Shop at the same time. 
Masks will be optional as long as social distancing is adhered to at all times;

No more than 8 players may be in the area of the first tee,
as long as those players are either teeing off, or are the next group to tee off;

Up to 10 players may putt or chip on each practice green by the 1st and 18th holes;

Up to 10 players may practice or hit balls into the net at the short game practice area;

No more than 4 golfers on any tee box or staging area adjacent to a tee box. 
If you come upon a congested area and the next tee is occupied,
keep social distancing within your group and stay away from the tee until it is open;

As soon as we are able to set them up, 4 tables with 4 chairs per table will be set up on the patio
and 4 tables with 4 chairs per table will be set on the upstairs porch. 
For the benefit of all members, each person is responsible to clean the table
and the immediate area of his or her seat when you are finished. 
Please limit your use of a table to 20 minutes, so other will have the opportunity to use them. 
If you are using any of the tables or chairs, please maintain social distancing
as you enter and leave the area for everyone’s safety;

The use of single rider carts will be open to everyone effective immediately.  Based on Gov.
Lamont’s current orders, the riding carts will be limited to one driver and one golf bag,
however two family members may use one cart;

The traffic pattern for play remains in effect.  Enter as usual to the first tee and exit the 18th hole
to the left around the building to avoid areas of congestion. 
The Bag Room is open, so continue around the front of the Clubhouse
and drop your bag in the newly marked bag return area if you want to store your clubs. 

The membership of MCC must continue to lead by example
and show our greater community the proper ways of participating in safe
and healthy outdoor activities, precisely as we have been doing in playing golf safely at our beautiful Course.

Throughout these extraordinarily difficult times, we have appreciated your dedicated support
and it remains critical that we must rely on everyone for continued vigilance. 
Above all, please maintain social distancing – 6 feet at a minimum but shoot for 10 feet.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. 
MCC Board of Directors, COVID-19 Task Force & Management




 May 22, 2020

Dear Members & Staff:

Tomorrow will mark the tenth week that our Club has been open despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The cooperation at every level of MCC – from our entire membership to the management, staff,
Committees and Board – has been extraordinarily successful. 
Despite the unprecedented challenges we faced to date, our principal goals of keeping everyone safe
and our Course open for play have been accomplished. 
Those achievements are beyond commendable, they are a tribute to the culture
and commitment that makes our Madison Country Club so special.

Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic is not over.  Though Governor Lamont has announced a “limited relaxation of restrictions”
which began on May 20, 2020, the reality is that we face new challenges moving forward. 
Local officials now have the authority to close down any business they determine to be in violation of the Executive Directives
and Sector Rules on increased operations of essential businesses like ours. 

Accordingly, ALL of the Club’s COVID-19 restrictions and measures remain in effect,
with slight modifications as announced over the past 10 days, namely,
the restricted 11th hole bathrooms usage & limited Pro Shop access. 
In these respects, please remember that  the appearance of our compliance is critical  as well.

Also keep in mind that as the weather improves, the demands of course access from our 500 plus membership base will also increase. 
It is imperative that all players maintain their speed of play, at all times. Full 18 hole rounds must be completed in no more than 4 hours; 9 holes in 2 hours.

We must all continue to do our part to ensure that this wonderful game of golf remains our one safe harbor in this COVID-19 storm. 
Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend - Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you.

Madison Country Club Board of Directors,
Management and COVID-19 Task Force

Updated Information Concerning Opening Times and Reservations

There are a couple of updates that are taking effect this week which will impact the membership. 
The changes to the hours of operation going into effect on Friday, May 1
will affect the reservation system starting April 29th

Starting immediately, a person calling the Pro Shop to reserve a playing slot
will be allowed to reserve a maximum of 2 time slots per phone call. 

This clarification of the call-in policy is an effort to clarify our current policy
and to balance the rights of all members to get the opportunity to play golf.

In a related issue, we feel it is important to state the policy concerning weather problems. 
If a member’s starting time is impacted by rain, a frost delay or any other weather event,
there is no way to push back the entire tee sheet to fit everyone into the schedule for that day. 
Therefore, if you and/or your group are not able to tee off
at your designated time because play has been postponed or delayed due to any weather event,
your tee time for that day is cancelled. 

We hope that this does not occur often,
but we must have a clear policy in place to address it. 
Geoff Squitiero
MCC Golf Committee – Chair


Welcome to our new 2020 Members:

Craig Clausen, Roger Berman, Nick Torello, Scott Harper, Kevin Smith, Timothy Lee,
Michael Martocci, Hunter Mayhew, Johan Eveland, Jill Hogarty, Michael Concannon,
Doug Farmer, Nick & Amanda Robinson, Tom Malec, Andrew Bowler,
Scott & Dale Stewart, Mark Osora, Mary Molloy, Robert Hunt, Pam Benzie,
Mark Egidio, Timothy Babcock, Robert Dupuis, Michael Beauton, Jr., Sean Collins,
Cashen Keeler, Theo Karen, Philip Hastings, Robert Millham, Thomas Tropiano,
John Costanzo, John Hall, Benjamin Lawrence, Althea Perley,
Joseph & Alexa Canavan, Sean McGann, Stephen Philipson,
Paul Varsames, Erol Fikrig, Andrew Haims, David Gesick, Joel Baroody
Ryan Carr, Spencer Gunn, Gail Taylor, John Kissane, Robert McHugh
Patrick Stadelhofer


2020 Holes In One   

Mike Carr on #13, Tim Lepczyk on #2, Ken Kaminsky on #13


Business Office/Clubhouse Hours

The Business Office is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 3pm and closed on weekends. 
The Clubhouse is open daily from 7am-dark from April 1-November 30 and 9am-3pm December 1-March 31. 

If you are making a payment, there is a mail slot on the office door that faces
the Golf Shop for your convenience.

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