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April 12, 2021

MCC Congratulates Sean Sweitzer

Congratulations to Sean on qualifying for the 2021 PGA Professional Championship,
the world’s largest all-professional event. The championship will be held April 25th through 28th
at the PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

The PGA Professional Championship began in 1968 to provide additional playing opportunities
for PGA Professionals. It has become a showcase event featuring
some of the finest players in the Association. All four rounds of this year’s championship will be broadcast live
on the Golf Channel. The low 20 scorers at PGA Golf Club will earn a berth
in the 2021 PGA Championship at The Ocean Course in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

Good luck and play well Sean.

March 29, 2021

The golf course will open this Friday, April 2nd at 10:00am for walking only.
Regular play, with carts, will begin Saturday at 7:30am. 

The reservation system will open tomorrow at 7:00am. You will be able to book a reservation up to 3 days in advance by visiting
the Madison Country Club website or Madison Country Club App. 

We are looking forward to another great season and to seeing everyone soon!

Thank you,
MCC Golf Staff

March 16, 2021

Dear MCC Members,

As we approach the start of the golf season, the Golf Committee and Board of Directors have implemented the following policies:

Tee reservations will be implemented from the date that the course is open for play.

Given the ongoing COVID situation, at the start of the season, a tee time-only system (from course open to 6 PM via on-line reservations made
starting at 7:00 AM, 3 days in advance (ie the 2020 system) will be in place.  Tee time intervals will be 10 minutes.

When deemed safe and appropriate by the COVID Committee and based on the course access survey results, a "hybrid" system 
(tee times until 3 PM, open play thereafter) will be implemented.

Please note several tee time-related policies

For tee reservations made for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, members should anticipate that tee reservations can be moved plus/minus
30 minutes proactively by the Pro Shop staff in order to try to accommodate groups of up to 4 foursomes playing together.

Why is this policy being put in place?

Groups of foursomes playing back-to-back, particularly on weekends, is a long-standing part of the MCC golf
and social culture that is important to maintain.

In 2020, tee times were being shifted upon request for this purpose, with the Pro Shop staff having to contact members by email,
cell phone or text in order to attempt to accommodate these requests.

This policy merely formalizes that practice and saves time and effort of the Pro Shop staff.

Any shifts will be completed by the end of the day the tee reservation is made and members
can check the tee sheet to see their finalized reservation time.

In the spirit of increasing course access, at the time of the course opening on each day, four tee times, spaced 10 minutes apart, 
will be available for start of play on hole 10.Those players choosing this option
will finish their round on the 18th hole and cannot continue to hole 1.
                                                                                   These four tee reservations also are made on-line starting 3 days in advance and are highlighted in yellow on the tee sheet.                                                                                                                       

Members arriving at the course with a tee reservation with less than 4 players should expect that others may join them 
to fill out a foursome to maximize course access.

It is expected that members will recognize the importance of keeping the tee sheet updated,
particularly with any player dropouts.

There will be an increased emphasis on maintaining pace of play.  On-course clocks (at least 3, set for a 4-hour round pace)
will be re-implemented and the Pro Shop staff will undertake increased marshalling frequency,
particularly during peak play days/times. 
It will be at the discretion of the Staff on how best to rectify the slow play, eg require the group to pick up their golf balls
and move to the next tee, let the group behind through, etc.

We wish you a very enjoyable golf season!

The MCC Golf Committee
Ian Taylor, Chair

March 9, 2021

Staging Area Renovation Logistics

The Board approved renovation of the Club’s staging area is underway.  During this construction, please note the following:

When coming to the Golf Shop, please park behind the building and enter
from the south side entrance of the Golf Shop, near the first tee. 

 When visiting the Business Office, please park on the Route 1 half
of the parking lot and enter through the Clubhouse front door. 

 When playing the Course, park on the Route 1 / West Wharf Road sections of the parking lot, away from the fence,
and enter the Course from the south side of the Golf Shop near the first tee. 

After your round, please exit to the parking lot on the Route 1 side of the Clubhouse.

Thank you,
Hank Maguire
House Chair



December 23, 2020

Temporary Greens & Tees

Dear Members,

We will be going back to temporary greens and tees as soon as all the snow has melted and the Course dries out. 
A follow up email will be sent at that time. 

Our Course routing will be the same as our normal sequence of play - starting on the first hole, crossing over Cherry Lane

and on to the 2nd. There will be red stakes that indicate were the temporary tees are located.

Greens and tees are closed throughout the winter for the following reasons:       

Wear and tear on the greens when the turf is not growing and does not have the ability to heal.
The damaged turf is cumulative and will take longer to recover the following spring.
The damaged turf and unrepaired ball marks will fill in with poa annua.
When playing on frosted greens, ice crystals on and inside the plant will puncture cell walls
immediately killing the plant.

I am sure all of you have heard the argument that some clubs throughout the state remain open in the winter.  
While there are approximately 80 private clubs in Connecticut, I am only aware of one that remains open for winter play.  
There are approximately 75 public courses in Connecticut.  Some of these facilities stay open year-round
for increased revenue through the winter,
without concern of damage to the course the following spring.


December 21, 2020       

Dear MCC Members,

Thank you for participating in the Course Access Survey.  The full results, which were discussed at the Board of Directors meeting last week,
are viewableon the Member Central tab and Club News tab on the regular MCC website.

As you will recall, the survey consisted of 4 questions with two choices for each question. 
The votes for each choice were revealed when the “View All” buttons were selected.

In the survey output, “voters” equals the number of individual email addresses. 
We have a few members who share an email address, which is why you will see that in some cases
the number of votes slightly exceeds “voters”. 
That is also why you will see the phrase “Voter weighting is in effect” at the top of the survey results.

To summarize the results:

  • About 68% of the membership completed the survey.

Of those voting:

  • Approximately 78% preferred some form of tee reservation system.
  • About 64% favored a hybrid system of tee times/open play. 
  • Around 66% wanted a system that would be in effect all days of the week.
  • Nearly 86% wish to use an on-line/app-based method.

Based on the results of the survey, a tee time reservation system will be implemented in 2021.  
The specific details of that system will be communicated before the start of the golf season
as those details may well be dictated
by any COVID protocols that will need to be considered at the time the Course opens.

With best regards,

Ian Taylor
Chair, MCC Golf Committee


The Clubhouse is now closed for the season until March 1, 2021. 
The Business Office is staffed Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm.

MCC Staff

December 15, 2020

The greens are now closed for the remainder of the season.
We will follow our normal policy of re-opening greens between 3/20/21 and 4/10/21
depending on weather conditions.  Temporary greens and tees have been set up
and we will follow our normal course routine.

Mike Chrzanowski, Greens Superintendent
MCC granted the
2020 CSGA Distinguished Club Award
Mike Chrzanowski, Greens Superintendent
Frank Carta, PGA, Head Golf Professional

The CSGA Distinguished Club Award is based on four major criteria:
A club that has continually supported and advanced the game of golf;
a club that has served as a model of excellence to other Connecticut golf clubs;
a club that has consistently supported amateur golf
through club-sponsored activities,
hosting state competitions, and member participation in CSGA events;
and a club that has consistently provided extraordinary service to the CSGA
encouraging volunteers,
providing leadership personnel,
and hosting meetings, seminars,
and special events.




Welcome to our new 2021 Members

Tim Manko, Spencer Stratton, Christian Widhalm, John Heflin & Colleen McHugh,
Tom Pavano, Tom Harlukowicz, Elizabeth Preis, Marc Ciociola, Anthony Avallone,
Alison Lewis, Mike Chiaramonte, Bob & Marian Klein, Terry Barber & Susan Talbot,
Jimmy Girolamo, Jeff Stoeckel, Brian Millard, Jim Drum, Joe Delgardio,
Will Braun, Andrew Brooks, Diana Hall, Jennifer Chobor

2020 Holes In One   

Mike Carr on #13, Tim Lepczyk on #2, Ken Kaminsky on #13
Diana Hull on #13

Business Office/Clubhouse Hours

The Business Office is open Monday-Friday from 9am to 3pm and closed on weekends. 
The Clubhouse is now closed for the season. 

If you are making a payment, there is a mail slot on the office door that faces
the Golf Shop for your convenience.

USGA Rule Changes (NEW!)